Michelle Kirkpatrick, RDR, CRR, CRC, FCRR, has been serving attorneys as a court reporter since 1986 and is currently a freelance realtime reporter based out of Breckenridge, Colorado, traveling to various nationwide locations or overseas, as warranted.

Realtime, immediate rough drafts, and same-day final transcripts are the focus of Kirkpatrick Realtime Reporting. Complex corporate litigation, transnational arbitration, and interpreted or videotaped depositions all handled competently and confidently!

Patent/Trademark Infringement


Medical Product/Device Defect
Pharmaceutical Litigation



Oil and Gas Litigation


Asbestos Litigation



International Arbitration


Complex Multi-Party Litigation


Biomedical Symposia Board Meetings


Class Action Matters



Behind every great reporter is a strong team. Just as stellar realtime and very clean immediate rough drafts do not happen by accident on the reporter's part, the same is true for same-day expedited final transcripts, with the help of a strong team. It all requires a well-thought-out plan and a well-prepared team of scopists and proofreaders to make it all come together in a successful way. Let us help you and your clients shine, every time!