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Michelle Kirkpatrick, RDR-CRR-CRC, FCRR, has been serving attorneys as a court reporter since 1986 and is currently a freelance realtime reporter based out of Breckenridge, Colorado, traveling to various nationwide locations or overseas, as warranted.

​Highly technical realtime, immediate rough drafts, and same-day final transcripts are the focus of Kirkpatrick Realtime Reporting. Complex corporate litigation, transnational arbitration, and interpreted or videotaped depositions all handled competently and confidently!

Oil and Gas Litigation


International Arbitration


Complex Multi-Party Litigation


Patent/Trademark Infringement


Aviation Litigation



Biomedical Symposia Board Meetings


Pharmaceutical Litigation



Medical Product/Device Defect
Class Action Matters



Behind every great reporter is a strong team. Just as stellar realtime and very clean immediate rough drafts do not happen by accident on the reporter's part, the same is true for same-day expedited final transcripts, with the help of a strong team. It all requires a well-thought-out plan and a well-prepared team of scopists and proofreaders to make it all come together in a successful way. Let us help you and your clients shine, every time!

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