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* * * For attorneys wanting to book REALTIME settings with me directly,

 please text me at 720 * 237 * 9900 to discuss. * * *


Covering technical realtime matters nationwide as well as in the Denver metro area for attorney clients directly.

I understand the need is great in my area to find a true, certified stenographer rather than inadequate and harmful digital substitutes. Beginning in 2023, I will be accepting attorney client-direct settings on a case-by-case basis.


I accept all-day (5+hr) highly technical realtime assignments only.

A $1,000 nonrefundable deposit will need to be made before each

deposition setting will be accepted.

Once initial contact has been made, you will be able to review the page rates, set a date, upload your Notice of Deposition, and make final arrangements, including your deposit to hold the setting.

Thank you!

Mailing Address

Kirkpatrick Realtime Reporting                                                      
PO Box 5768                                                     

Breckenridge, CO  80424

Text Communication
720 237 9900


​Note: The option to email me directly has been removed from this site.

Attorney offices will need to text me if they'd like to discuss direct realtime coverage. Phone calls from unfamiliar numbers and paralegal out-of-state cell phone numbers will not be answered, nor will they go to voicemail!

I operate at a high level of functioning, and most often with expedited final transcripts, and do not have administrative staff to assist me with these direct settings.


Thank you for your understanding! Your assistance in this manner is helpful, and will help me to better assist you!

* Easy access to Denver International Airport *

for coverage of out-of-state realtime settings

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