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An interesting blog article I read recently discusses the veracity of the term "transparency" in our business world today and whether it is considered a term to generally now mean that someone only wishes to *appear* to be transparent. (See Transparency in Business: Why It Matters, Posted by Experts Exchange on June 22, 2012.)

This article discuss...

What my perfect court reporting scheduling world would look like:

Agency sends me an email and says, "Good Morning, hope all is well. I have 2 depos coming up that I wanted to see if you are available to take? They are set for __ and __, 2018, at 9:00 a.m. at _____. Set with realtime, rough, and standard delivery on the finals, they will be videota...

A recent poll asked 30 reporters how many different agencies they worked for in the year 2017. The average number was 18. The lowest responses were "1" and "2"; the highest responses were "43" and "50."
Clearly, networking firms are not the only ones who juggle volume and variety when contracting reporters to cover their work.


Mastering the issue...

Introducing the "Power Reporter" series, a new website filled with creative tools for the advanced reporter.

We'll upsell services and make sure your clients continue to call you for the quality they rely on in reporting/client services.

Let’s start right off with a controversial topic. I’ve heard it said there’s a breakdown of abilities and skill levels within court reporters: The top 10 percent of reporters are exceptionally skilled, able to write virtually any sort of realtime or fast-speaking real-life material thrown at them; the next 50 to 60 percent are your “average” reporte...

Welcome to Kirkpatrick Realtime Reporting. Michelle Kirkpatrick is a freelance reporter based out of Breckenridge, Colorado, traveling anywhere nationwide that technical realtime work takes her.

Realtime, immediate rough drafts, and same-day final transcripts are the focus of Kirkpatrick Realtime Reporting.

A team of scopists and proofreaders are at t...

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The Networking Reporter and the Networking Agency - Finding Common Ground

February 13, 2018

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